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KB#00071-Removing extra form feeds when using a slave printer


Removing extra form feeds when using a slave printer


If you get an extra form feed (or any undesirable behavior) when sending a slave off code (SLOFF), here's a trick. 

Instead of using SLON & SLOFF in the alias line, use PTON & PTOFF but use the slave on and off codes. That way, the code in PTON is sent once when the printer is opened, and the code in PTOFF is sent when the printer is closed. 

Here's the alias line before implementing the hint: 
alias P1 /dev/tty "Slave printer" CR,SLON=1B5B3569,SLOFF=1B5B3469 

Here's the alias line after: 
alias P1 /dev/tty "Slave printer" CR,PTON=1B5B3569,PTOFF=1B5B3469 

Last Modified: 12/18/1997 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: Unix

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