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KB#00042-ERROR=4 (DISK/DEVICE NOT READY) when trying to run the _ddedit.utl utility


ERROR=4 (DISK/DEVICE NOT READY) when trying to run the _ddedit.utl utility


When trying to run the _ddedit.utl utility, the following error occurs: 



BBx will attempt to search all drives that do not have a dsksyn in the config.bbx file (including local floppy drives, such as A or B) for the standard and extended utilities. Verify that all unavailable drives, such as the A drive all the way through to the Z drive, are being dsksyn'd in the config.bbx file. Also verify that any valid drives that you want BBx to search, are not dsksyn'd. Occasionally, BBx will report an ERROR=60 (GENERAL I/O ERROR) with TCB(10) of -21, ERROR 17 (INVALID PARAMETER), or ERROR 49 (STBL ERROR) for the same reasons stated above. Verify that the paths being defined in the config.tpm file are not being dsksyn'd in the config.bbx file. 

Last Modified: 02/10/2004 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: All platforms Error Number: 4

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