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KB#00030-Sample program to load INSERT and DELETE keys


Sample program to load INSERT and DELETE keys


This program example loads $46$ (the editor function for toggling insert/replace mode) into the INSERT key, replacing the control T editor default key assignment, for INPUTE. It also loads $48$ (the editor function for delete character right) into the DELETE key, replacing the control X editor default key assignment, for INPUTE. 

0010 REM program to load Ctrl+T into the Insert key 
0020 REM and Ctrl+X into the Delete key for inpute 
0030 REM For "_edit", add $080146090148$ to the end of line 930 
0040 REM which is the 'EL' line 
0050 PRINT 'EL'+"3"+$0208018D09018E$, 
0060 LET A$=$8D468E48$ 
0070 LET B$=STBL("!EDIT",A$+STBL("!EDIT")) 
0075 PRINT 'CS'; LET VAL$="" 
0080 INPUTE 5,5,30,"_",VAL$ 
0090 END 

Last Modified: 04/24/2006 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: All platforms

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