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KB#00003-Error 0, TCB(10)=-13, when accessing a file on an NFS mounted drive


Error 0, TCB(10)=-13, when accessing a file on an NFS mounted drive


When using NFS on one system and BBx, you need to have byte four, bit $40$ of the options string set. This is the floating lock byte option. 

setopts $00000040$ 

This is the Network Lock bit for standard access of files across the network. This bit enables the older, slower file locking scheme. It is necessary when accessing files that may also be accessed by a non-BBx task or by a BBx task running on a remote host by another process other the BBx Data Server. 

The reason the NFS client is getting Error 0's is that the BBx process on the NFS client is using the same byte as some other BBx process running on the NFS server. So they do indeed have a legitimate Error 0. 


The solution is to have both the NFS client BBx processes and the NFS server processes exit and restart with this bit set. 

Note: Not all NFS mounts support this method of file locking. See KB00271 for a C program that demonstrates a bbx style lock. 

Last Modified: 06/11/1998 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: All platforms Error Number: OS Error: 13

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