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KB - BASIS License Manager (BLM) 19+ Installation Instructions



Do I need this standalone BASIS License Manager (BLM)?

If you currently have BBj installed that is Rev 12 or greater, your BLM is current enough to work correctly with Perpetual licensing and benefit from its failsafe capabilities.


If you are using an older standalone BLM you need to check to see what version it is, as you need at least version  To check the version of your BLM, you can run the following command from the OS prompt in your BLM/BLMGR directory:


lmutil lmver basis


This will return something like the following:


lmutil - Copyright (c) 1989-2017 Flexera Software LLC. All Rights Reserved.
FlexNet Licensing v11.15.0.0 build 215548 (ipv6) i86_n3 (lmgr.lib), Copyright (c
) 1988-2017 Flexera Software LLC. All Rights Reserved.


If your version is not at least then you do need to update your BLM using the stand alone BLM. Which BLM you download is dependant upon the version of your actual license. A BASIS license that is Revsion 19 or below will need the BLM 19, any license that is current on SAM or Revision 20+ can use BLM 21.

Please note that if your license is Rev 22 and you are running a BASIS product version 22+ you will need to use the BLS (BASIS License Service).



The BLM installer is Java based and needs a current Java JDK. Refer to the Platform Availability list for a list of supported versions for your operating system, which includes links to download JDKs for all of the supported BBj / BLM operating systems.


Once you have downloaded and installed Java you will want to make sure and use this Java for your BLM install.   If you have yet to download the new BLM you can do so at this link:



When presented with a self-extracting jar file, follow the instructions below.


=> If the Java file associations on your operating system are set to run an executable jar file, double-click or execute the downloaded jar file. The install proceeds automatically.

=> If your Java file associations differ and do not run the file automatically, execute the following so Java runs the file:


On Windows:

%JAVAHOME%\bin\java -jar <jar_file_name>


${JAVAHOME}/bin/java -jar <jar_file_name>



If your JAVAHOME$ environment variable is not  pointing to the current version of Java then you will want to use the full path to the Oracle Java as in:


  $/usr/java/Eclipse Adoptium/jdk- -jar BLM21_02-01-2022_1010.jar


During the installation process you will also register and install the license.  We suggest you use the "Register and Install the license automatically" option, as this will verify the self-healing properties of the new perpetual license, ensuring that the machine can get out to the internet and contact BASIS for its license, eliminating manual administration efforts and avoiding any reset fees.



DOWNLOAD A Java Virtual Machine


Download and install the appropriate JVM (Java Virtual Machine), find current links to the JDK for your platform here Platform/Product Availability.


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