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Enterprise Manager

The Enterprise Manager utility is an intuitive utility that manages all settings for BBj. This multifunctional utility allows developers to:

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface
  • Allows centralized administration of any accessible BBj Services
  • Ability to list and configure all databases located on each BBj Services Installation
  • Allows for configuration of server settings:
    • Ports for servers to run on
    • Location of log files
    • Java Virtual Machine to be used, etc.
  • Allows for configuration of database and user-level security
    • Configure a database
    • Configure trigger
    • Auto run a program
    • Configure users
    • Set permissions
    • Define encryption security
  • Allows for managing BBj processes running on a particular server
    • View logs
    • Analyze memory graphs and garbage collection
    • Manage service components
    • Use memory graphs
    • Optimize performance settings
    • Set environment variables
  • The BBj Enterprise Manager allows database and system administrators to manage:
    • Data Servers
    • User accounts
    • Access privileges
    • BBj Configuration options

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