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Map Report

Along with the documentation build process, RoboHelp generates a MapReport.txt file, which contains a comprehensive listing of the available topic titles, ID numbers, and filenames used in the BASIS product documentation. Developers can use the topic names and IDs with most any application to take advantage of BASIS' context-sensitive help, providing a direct link to the documentation. For more information about how to use this file with context-sensitive help, see BASIS Offers Context-Sensitive Help on the World Wide Web in the BASIS Advantage Magazine.

BBx 2.0 Manual

Printable .pdf files that include BBx-only documentation through revision level 2.xx (November 1999) are available for download as listed below. For the most current, up-to-date information, use the HTML, Windows Help file and online versions identified above.


To report any documentation corrections, please send an email to:

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