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Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

The Eclipse IDE is a framework that supports plug-ins and configurability options that can streamline almost any software development cycle. BASIS offers the Business BASIC Development Tools (BDT) collection of plug-ins for the Eclipse IDE. These plug-ins help you write, run, and maintain your BBj programs as efficiently as possible.

Includes: AppBuilder, CodeEditor, and WindowBuilder.

Barista Application Framework

BASIS offers GUI development with a rapid application development tool ‒ the Barista® Application Framework. Barista is BASIS' GUI-only data dictionary-driven development framework and runtime engine. Barista facilitates the following:

  • New GUI application development
  • Conversion of CUI applications to GUI
  • Modernization of existing GUI applications

Barista is database independent and works with both modern SQL RDBMS as well as legacy BASIS file types. Barista imports a third party RDBMS or a BASIS data dictionary and, with little development effort, delivers a functional GUI application running on multiple platforms with a modern GUI look-and-feel, standardized keyboard and mouse navigation, and a built-in SQL-based inquiry engine. Barista delivers enormous productivity gains on both initial product development and, more importantly, on future application maintenance and enhancement tasks.

Legacy Tools
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