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eLearning Course Descriptions

In addition to the commitment to developing the best and most powerful tools for the BBx generations, BASIS is equally committed to providing the necessary education to equip developers to use these tools to their fullest capability. The following courses are available from the BASIS eLearning site.

Data Storage
Introduction to the BBj Language
ERP Building Blocks - AddonSoftware

System Administration
Development Tools

  • Barista Application Framework
  • BASIS Product Development in BDT
  • Jaspersoft Studio
  • Digital Dashboard Updates

Software Development Best Practices

Data Storage


Database Management - This course provides an overview of the database management system used as the foundation for AddonSoftware. Participants learn the basic structure and components of the system including the BASIS file system, the SQL engine, and the ODBC/JDBC drivers and how they work together to provide a robust and powerful DBMS. Exercises give participants hands-on experience creating views, stored procedures, and triggers that enable AddonSoftware developers and users to add additional custom functionality to their AddonSoftware installation without modifying any of the software source code. Running time - 1hr 40min



Introduction to the BBj Language


This course starts at a high level, covering core components and concepts for the language. Topics include the different interpreter types, writing graphical programs, available security options, process communication, classpaths, and the browser user interface (BUI). From there, the course delves deeper into the language and investigates variable and data types, program flow, and error handling. It then details working with data from the file system and interfacing with a databases, and ends with an introduction to Object Oriented Programming.

Students should have a basic understanding of programming and the mounting process described in the 'Setup and Configuration' pre-session class materials. Running time - 4hr 10min

ERP Building Blocks - AddonSoftware  

StructureThis course provides the foundation for working with AddonSoftware by Barista, beginning with an orientation to its terminology, layout, features, and functionality. Participants take an in-depth look at the various parameters, codes, and master files that dictate how Addon performs. The information in this core session is vital to successfully configuring an Addon installation and lays the groundwork for subsequent AddonSoftware sessions. Cost: No Charge - Prerequisite for Accounting and Distribution

Utilities - This session reviews data handling options of the AddonSoftware Installation/Upgrade Wizard (AIUW), and offers insights into conversion considerations and techniques. In addition, this course outlines some handy tools to use for database analysis and visualization. Cost: $150. Running Time: 1hr 39min

Accounting Bundle - The Accounting bundle includes General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable modules. Training throughout each module includes tips and suggestions to help participants work comfortably with AddonSoftware. These courses build on the Product Structure class. Cost: $395. Running Times: AP - 1hr 43min, AR - 59min, GL - 2hr 34min

Distribution Bundle - Inventory Control (IV) - transaction processing, cost and price changes, physical inventory, and period end processing. Purchase Order Processing (PO) - replenishment, requisitions, purchase orders, PO receiving, and PO invoicing, as well as purchase order reports. Sales Order Processing (SO) - daily sales order processing, pricing, credit management and reports. Sales Analysis (SA) - basics of sales analysis. NOTE: AddonSoftware Product Structure is a prerequisite. Cost: $395. Running times: IV and PO - 2hr 36min, SO and SA - 2hr 21min

Manufacturing Bundle - Bill of Materials (BOM) - configuring the manufacturing modules, production entry, reports, costing, and component item replacement. Shop Floor Control (SF) - work order life cycle including entry, documents, commits and issues, labor data, and closing. Cost: $395. Running Times: BOM - 1hr 49min, SF - 2hr

System Administration  

This course focuses on using the BBj Enterprise Manager to administer and configure a BBj installation. Participants take a thorough tour of the features and functionality of the Enterprise Manager while learning how to use each feature in conjunction with AddonSoftware to provide a robust and secure system. Topics include basic server configuration, managing BBj processes, creating replication jobs, configuring write auditing, scheduling groups of tasks to run automatically, web application configuration, executing ad hoc SQL queries, and more.

Development tools  

Barista Application Framework, CUI to GUI - Discover how to use the Barista Application Framework to build an application quickly by simply defining the data and its interrelationships. Barista provides a standard framework that handles the ubiquitous navigation, display, search, and file maintenance requirements of the typical data-driven GUI application, easily tripling your productivity for many of your development and maintenance projects.

BASIS Product Development in BDT - The Eclipse IDE is the preferred cross-platform development framework in the world today. This training will cover the IDE and give you hands-on experience with all of the BASIS-developed plug-ins. During this course, you will explore the Business BASIC Development Tools (BDT) including the Code Editor, code completion, keyword lookup, WindowBuilder, AppBuilder, Enterprise Manager, Performance Analyzer, Dialog Wizard, Unit Test, along with many other tips and tricks for achieving productivity gains using all the new BASIS development tools powered by the Eclipse framework. A variety of non-BASIS plug-ins will also be referenced as additional resources that developers may find useful.

Report Writing With Jaspersoft Studio and BBJasper- This course introduces Jaspersoft Studio, a graphical report creation tool for report design, and covers Jaspersoft Studio setup, the Report Wizard, and how to link BASIS data with the reports via data adapters in detail. Participants will create three different reports using both BASIS databases and stored procedures, and learn about and use the BASIS BBJasper utility.

Digital Dashboard Updates - The Dashboard Utility, first introduced in BBj 14.0, has been steadily growing more flexible and capable with each subsequent release including new widget types. The utility allows developers to expose even more important business intelligence to an organization's management team to facilitate better business decision making and therefore better businesses! The growing list of newly implemented features has come from various sources, including BASIS' internal operations as well as several customer requests. Users can customize dashboard widget sizes, fonts, color schemes, resize popouts, drilldown, click on chart elements to view data values, and more.

Software Development Best Practices  

Software Development Best Practices - At times, developing software looks a lot like herding cats. Every time you turn around one of them is wandering off, and the problems you run into all have teeth, claws, and attitude. This class will take the first shot at helping you to be a better cat herder. We'll start off with a whirlwind overview of software development practices in the 21st century. Then we will zoom in on four of the topics that offer you an opportunity to start improving your products - four areas where you can get a good return from small investments in processes and practices:

  • Object Oriented (OO) Design and Programming - what it is and why you care
  • UI Design - how you can design a user (friendly) interface
  • Data Storage - how to design a better data storage model with indexes
  • Mentoring and Training - how to grow a better software development team

This class will only occasionally depend on the BBj language. The concepts we cover are applicable to any software development project in almost any language

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