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KB - Licensing when migrating to a new BLM server

Licensing when migrating to a new BLM server

Description: When migrating to a new server, what is the best way to handle licensing?

Resolution: We recommend that during the testing phase when moving to a new server you point the new server to the existing production license. The new server will then obtain licenses from the production server. 

When installing the BASIS product on the new server we suggest installing the most current version your license will support.  If your license is current on SAM (Software Asset Management) then install the most current version of the product available.

When installing BBj, install the complete package and request a DEMO license.  This will give you a 5 day demo license to use for setting up and configuring the new server. When you are ready to move into testing you will want to use your existing license from your production environment.  To do this, stop the BASIS License Manager (BLM) on the new server and change the BASIS.lic pointer file to point to your production license.  The BASIS.lic file resides in your BBj install directory.  It is a text file, the contents look like this:

SERVER localhost ANY

Change localhost to the name of the production machine running the BLM.

If the BLM on your production machine is not the most current version you will need to upgrade the BLM to the most current BLM.  You do NOT need to upgrade the interpreter (BBj or PRO/5) on the production machine because a new BLM can serve licenses to an older interpreter, an older BLM may not be able to serve licenses to a newer interpreter. You can install the current BLM by downloading and installing the most current version of the BLM available from our website. From the products download page use the Product pull down list and select BLM.

NOTE: With the release of BBj 22, our licensing system uses the BASIS Licensing Service. This new licensing model will only support BBj and PRO/5 versions at Rev 22.x or greater. Please reach out to BASIS Technical Support to better understand your migration path for licensing.




You will find the BLM installation instructions here.

Please note that the current BLM does require Java to install and manage the license.  For direct links to supported Java versions please use the Platform Availability (  page to find your platform and links to supported Java versions:




When you are ready to move to the new server, you will want to run the Admin wizard on your new server and register your license on the new server and change the pointer file on the new server to point back to localhost as well as Start the License Manager.


Once the license is registered to the new server, you will need to stop the BLM and remove the license from the ‘old’ production environment using the BLMAdmin wizard.




Last Modified: 01/29/2020 Product: All Operating System: All platforms



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