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KB - License Issues - how to expedite your support request

Licensing issues are never fun to deal with but they do occur occasionally.  Oftentimes licensing issues are also of an urgent nature. Therefore, to expedite resolution to your particular issue you can short-circuit the process by harvesting the following information and including it with your support request to BASIS Technical Support.

If you are running the BASIS License Manager (BLM) (Which will be true for all revisions of any BASIS product that are less than Revision 22, for example: PRO/5 rev 8 or BBj 12), we need the following:

  • Product serial number
  • License file from <blmhome>
  • All of the log files from <blmhome>/log
  • basis.lic from <bbjhome> or <pro5home>
  • The error message you encountered

If you are running Rev 22 or greater of any BASIS product then you are using the BASIS License Service (BLS), for this we need:

  • Product serial number
  • License.bls from <blshome/cfg>
  • Blsserver.conf from <blshome/cfg>
  • Blsclient.conf from <bbjhome/cfg>
  • All of the log files from <blshome>/log
  • The error message you encountered

Having this information from the start of a support incidence will allow BASIS Technical Support to be as efficient as possible in providing you with the necessary guidance to resolve your problem.

Last Modified: 03/07/2022              Product: All           Operating System: All

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