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KB - BASIS Support for Java Releases

BASIS Support for Java Releases

Given the confusion that has surrounded Java’s recent changes in their release schedule and model, here is information that explains BASIS’ position relative to our compatibility and support for running with Java 8 and beyond.

For background information and for Oracle Java’s latest public statements related to their support and release schedules, see the Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap page. The comments below are largely based upon this site. Be aware that Oracle updates that page occasionally, and the information there may be newer than was present when this article was written (March of 2018).

Long Term Support (LTS)

Oracle’s roadmap introduces the concept of “interim” short term Java releases between releases of LTS Java versions. Oracle’s Roadmap identifies Java 8 and Java 11 as LTS releases of Java. Java 9 and Java 10 are short term releases. BASIS intends to deliver BBj versions with support for Java LTS releases.

Java 8

BASIS intends to continue to build with Java 8 as long as Java 8 has Oracle public update support. Java 8 public update support is scheduled to continue through "January 2019 or longer" (see the “GA Date” column here). BASIS does not recommend that anyone move to production on a short term Java release.

Java 11

Once Java's next "Long Term Support (LTS)" version is released, we will begin building with that version and move beyond Java 8. As of this writing, the next scheduled LTS version of Java is Java 11 in September of 2018 (see the “GA Date” column here). As an LTS, Java 11 is anticipated to be on the "three-year support" model that Java seems to be working toward.

Java 9 and 10

The Java releases between 8 and 11 (Java 9 and Java 10) are short-term support releases that are each only supported until a subsequent Java release occurs, at which time they lose public update support immediately. In March and April 2018, BASIS is actively testing with the pre-release Java 10 in an effort to be ready to announce a supported version of BBj 18 on Java 11 shortly after its release in September and before Java 8 ends public update support. BASIS will be doing a significant amount of testing between the "official Java 10" release and our planned release of BBj 18.00 (currently set for mid-April 2018).


In the future, BASIS may adjust some aspects of its release schedule to work better with Java’s model. However, since there aren't really any aspects of Java releases that we control, we are currently watching in hopes of seeing a stable release pattern from Java before we even consider making any release adjustments on our part.

In the meantime, remaining with Java 8 until the next LTS release becomes available is your best option.


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