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In 1985, BASIS began with a vision to reduce Business BASIC developer's dependence on proprietary systems. BASIS' original version of BBx was the first step away from those proprietary solutions. During the decades that follow, BASIS continues to enhance and expand its product line to honor the spirit of that vision.

Today, BASIS offers technology that provides a more open architecture than the company's founders could have imagined. Now, customers can access the filesystem through a number of ways. BASIS tools, such as ODBC, JDBC, and the BASIC Web Utility, facilitate the access of the BASIS filesystem from such commercial applications as XP Office Suite, Cold Fusion, WAP-enabled phones, and CGI Scripts. Even though providing ODBC and JDBC drivers gives organizations a choice of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) data access software, some organizations choose to write their own custom data-accessing software using C or Java. While these applications can use the ODBC and JDBC drivers, they benefit from a more direct access to the data. To meet these requirements, BASIS developed JLib and CLib for customers to link into their own custom applications. The availability of these filesystem libraries gives developers the same direct access to the filesystem that BASIS programs use. Therefore, Java and C programmers are no longer required to write SQL queries and no longer pay the non-normalized database penalties associated with ODBC and JDBC access.


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