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A Brief History


BASIS International Ltd., founded on the principle of providing a platform independent Business BASIC interpreter and database, christened their first version, Business BASIC eXtended, known as BBX. The Business BASIC community received the first release of BBX in October 1985. BASIS followed the first version with progressively more functional versions of the product, giving rise to BBX Progression/2®  in 1987, followed by BBX Progression/3® two years later.  BASIS released BBX PROGRESSION/4® and, in 1992, delivered the beginnings of a network capable database to the product with the BBX PROGRESSION/4 Data Server.

BASIS introduced an extended and renamed line-up of BBX products with the 1995 release of Visual PRO/5, a GUI version of the language. For the first time, BASIS engineered a product for a single platform; Win/32. Also in that same year, BASIS introduced the next release of the character-based version of BBX, PRO/5, followed by the introduction of the PRO/5 Data Server®.
In 2000, BASIS entered the new century with an ambitious and innovative product direction based upon the company’s original development philosophy. This new direction was to relieve the application developer of the burden of most of the overhead associated with keeping pace with the rapid technology changes in the industry while still delivering a platform independent language/interpreter, database, and suite of development tools for the enterprise and for the Internet.
The first of the newest generation of BBX, BBj (Java made easy), was released in 2001 and began a predictable sequence of annual releases of new versions of the four components of the new technology. The language continues to benefit from the new object-oriented syntax structure with significant new features at every major release. In 2009 BBX achieved a new milestone of fulfillment of the 2000 vision by introducing the Browser User Interface (BUI) to BBj. In a revolutionary move, most existing graphical BBX applications can now be deployed to both the desktop and to smartphones and tablet devices, such as the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook. BASIS is truly making good on the promise of "write once and deploy everywhere!"
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BBX Trademark Information
BASIS has both trademark types and format for BBX, a word where capitalization and stylizing do not come into play and a stylized mark.

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