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BASIS Overview

The Big Little Software Company

We are a global big little software company...big and stable enough to be a reliable partner with thousands of companies all over the world, yet small and flexible enough to respond to customer's needs to meet today's business challenges.

Our software developer community is a worldwide network of partners for whom BASIS' BBx® Generation of products form the foundation for proven and reliable software solutions. We provide more than 7,000 application software developers high-quality, innovative software tools to create reliable, scalable and cost-effective business applications. BASIS software products are the foundation of thousands of mission-critical systems with more than 1.7 million end users in industries that span from banking to manufacturing to health care.

Our mission since 1985 is to blaze a trail by producing ambitious and innovative programming languages, database products, development tools, and a RAD application framework for our community to build upon. We are committed to delivering platform independence to the server and client, including browser-based mobile clients. Cutting-edge technology delivers customers the tools needed to advance their applications and fully exploit the new economy of e-business -- cloud computing and enterprise computing.

Our management team, with years of proven management, entrepreneurial, and technology development experience, continues to seek out strategic partnerships to provide the highest level of quality and convenience to customers across the globe. Follow BASIS public announcements.

About BASIS 

In addition to our worldwide network of Authorized Distributors and Value-Added Resellers, BASIS has the following offices:

BASIS International Ltd.
5901 Jefferson Street NE • Albuquerque NM 87109-3432 • USA
Tel +1.505.345.5232   Fax +1.505.345.5082

BASIS Europe Distribution GmbH
Nell-Breuning-Allee 6 • D-66115 Saarbrücken • Germany
Tel +49 681 968 14 0   Fax +49 681 968 14 33

Engineering Support Systems
1259 Fernández Juncos Ave #201
San Juan, PR 00907 • USA
Tel +1 787 723 5000   Fax +1 787 722 6242



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