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The BASIS IDE serves as the development dashboard for all Business BASIC projects. Modern, robust, and time-saving, the BASIS IDE is the toolbox that supports all BBx generations, from CUI BBxPROGRESSION/4® and PRO/5® to GUI Visual PRO/5® and BBj®.

The modular, extensible BASIS IDE includes built-in support for source code version control, Web server, and a plethora of other capabilities.

BBj Developers

Download the BASIS IDE from the BBj download page as part of the initial BBj download or later, as a separate component.

BBxPROGRESSION/4, PRO/5, or Visual PRO/5 Developers

Download the BASIS IDE with BBj to take full advantage of this new development dashboard, while continuing to develop in your existing BBx version.

  1. Go to the BBj download page.
  2. Follow the BBj Download Instructions, selecting the BBj and BASIS IDE as the Optional Files referenced in step 3 of the instructions.

BASIS IDE + Components

  • Editor
    • Syntax highlighting
      • PRO/5 & BBj
      • Java
      • HTML
      • XML
    • Search and replace
    • Object code completion
    • Cut and paste
    • Multiple undo/redo
    • Find in files
  • Debugger
    • Dot step
    • Persistent breakpoints
    • Watch variables
    • Syntax checker
  • Compilers
    • BBj
    • PRO/5
    • Java
    • C

BASIS IDE Development Modules

  • Data File Viewer
    • View hexadecimal
    • View ASCII
    • View keys
    • Traverse all key chains
    • Use string templates for a record-based view
    • View encrypted files
    • View encrypted fields
  • Data Dictionary
    • Create data dictionary
    • Modify data dictionary
    • Create views
    • View table layout
      • Column
      • Index
    • Edit table layout
      • Column
      • Index
  • FormBuilder
    • GUI form creation
    • Set like-properties across disparate controls
  • AppBuilder
    • Associate code with GUI events
    • Complete integration with FormBuilder


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