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Application Building Blocks

BASIS created the newest version of BBx® using Java technology. Business BASIC on Java, named BBj®, gives application developers the necessary tools to create modern, 21st-century e-commerce and enterprise solutions. For more about BBj, click here.

When developing your next solution in BBj, you receive the following utility building blocks at no additional cost:

  • BASIS Update Service (BUS) empowers developers and users as Web service in the update and installation process by distributing patch files to users who can install the update when convenient
  • Offers stand-alone or Web browser configuration for fast remote access between application and data
  • Customizable GUI launch dock for your applications
  • Translation tools, BBJabber and BBTranslator, that provide Java resource bundle functionality for translation assistance in creating multi-lingual CUI and GUI programs
  • BBj and Java library utilities to view, fax, e-mail, and produce multiple output report formats that interface with Google documents without the need for third-party tools
  • BBInvoker runs commands such as third-party applications and can launch the default Web browser with a given URL
  • BBJasperReport - a BBj CustomObject - creates a Jasper report to view, print, or save to a file in various formats
  • Dashboard Utility offers several types of widgets, allowing you to display your data in a variety of different formats.  Dashboard widgets are flexible and can display charts, grids, web pages and other HTML content, images, and even full-featured reports.  Numerous chart types are supported including bar charts, stacked bar charts, line charts, area charts, stacked area charts, pie charts, ring charts, and more.

Barista Application Framework makes your development job easier while adding value to the resulting applications. As a developer, you can remain focused on your business rules and let Barista handle all the bells and whistles of your next project. For more about Barista, click here.

When you develop in Barista, you receive all BBj utilities plus these utilities at no additional cost:

  • Ability to preserve your existing customizations through the upgrade cycle
  • A powerful document output system that includes preview, archive, print, e-mail, fax, PDF, or convert to ASCII text
  • Deploy across the Internet with a built-in Jetty Web Server
  • Role-based security structure
  • Configurable audit trail feature
  • Save and share report configuration feature
  • File access notification for locked files
  • SQL-based inquiry subsystem
  • Accommodates multi-screen workspaces with MDI and SDI launch selections
  • User-based Favorites list for commonly run tasks
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Multi-language configurability from a single code source
  • Navigation flexibility via the keyboard or mouse
  • Configurable Expresso Search feature to access, sort, and drill down into your data
  • Live backup capability
  • Built-in report writing tool
  • Easy integration of new vertical applications
  • Report archiving quickly recalls any previously generated report

AddonSoftware ERP Building Blocks 'AddonSoftware® by Barista' is an affordable, full-featured, and fully integrated business management solution. AddonSoftware offers scalable deployment options to fit your needs and budget while providing the core enterprise resource planning features that currently support many businesses like yours. Full integration eliminates the cost of multiple stand-alone applications and the resulting redundant data entry. With AddonSoftware, you select the licensing, define the number of users, and choose the functionality you need.

Since AddonSoftware is built with Barista, it inherits all of the utilities that BBj and Barista-based applications inherit. Additionally, AddonSoftware has been designed to allow for easy integration with your new verticals. The Accounting, Distribution, and Manufacturing bundles include the following modules:

  • Accounting
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • General Ledger
  • Distribution
    • Inventory Control
    • Sales Order Processing
    • Purchase Order Processing
    • Sales Analysis
  • Manufacturing
    • Bill of Materials
    • Shop Floor Control
  • Payroll

These bundles serve as the foundation for your industry-specific solutions. These building blocks allow you to remain focused on developing your vertical specialty. For more about 'AddonSoftware by Barista,' click here.

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