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2018 Proven Performance And… it's built with BBj technology
  Old Tech, New Life: A Cost-Effective Approach
2014 A DAM-EDV Picture is Worth 1,000 Woods
  CarIT Integrates a 'New Model' With BBj
  A New Day for AddonSoftware Partnerships
  On-Demand Enlightenment at the BASIS E-Learning Center
2013 Bisco Gets More Bang for Their BBx Buck
  A Unique Business Opportunity
  How Business Apps Go Mobile
  Prodin Blends BASIS With Chocolate for Sweet Success
  Efficiently SEPArating Your Customers From Their Money
2012 ASCI Partakes RADically from the Barista Cup
  EMQUE On Cue With BUI Apps That are 'In'
  A Web Service Sprouts Great Benefits at Bluegrass
  EMS Prescribes BUI to Reduce Healthcare Expenses
2011 Rechanneling the Revenue Stream at Mark Systems
  AddonSoftware Steps Into the Cloud
  BASIS and paperPlace Have it in the (Paper) Bag
  A Tab(let) a Day… Makes the Doctor's Day
2010 The Dawning of a New Age with BUI Apps
  TAI Scores a Whole in One With XCALL
  BUI to the Rescue
2009 Mining with the Diamond Work Group
2008 Starwood's Web Service Shines Brighter
2007 RCG Uses Marketing Skills to Achieve OSAS "Top Dog" Status
  Marex Returns Home to BASIS - A Personal Journey
2006 BASIS Tours Europe With New Partnership Program
  Rooted in Platform-Independence, BBj Supports Borealis Press's Choice of Mac
2005 OSI Solidifies OSAS Investment with BBj
  QA Memos Web Service
  BBx Generations - Our Progression in Time
  Enhancing the Bouquet with BBj - KMK Software AG
  MARK SYSTEMS - A Revenue Stream Runs Through It
  Weaving a Training Web
2004 BBj Sparks High Productivity at Heilind Electronics
  Fit For the Future? - Midata Service GmbH
2003 b'Using b-commerce
  BASIS Introduces Online Tutorials
  Maharam: BASIS Customer Profile
  Technical Resources on the BASIS Web Site
  SAM Plan - Managing Your Software Assets
  BASIS Revises Training
  Making Money With BASIS Technology
  ParkMaster Gets Ahead with PRO/5
  PRO/5 Drives Trucking Company's In-House Conversion
2002 PRO/5 Turns Over New Leaf
  Visual PRO/5 Paves The Way For New Orleans Visitors Bureau
  IS Systems Selects BBx For Its B2C E-Commerce Package
  NEWS: BASIS Participates In Q1 Sun Solutions CD
  NEWS: New Search Tool Improves Information Lookup
  The Making of a Programmer
  Heilind Electronics Bets on BBj and Its Thin Client Capability
  Virtually All Businesses Will Have Virtual Employees
2001 BBj Sparks GUI Hotel Solutions
  NEWS: BASIS Takes Discussion Forums To Web
  Emque Nails GUI with BASIS Tools
  Mission Accomplished: Mark Systems' GUI Migration
2000 Audev Races Toward GUI Finish Line
  Login Brothers Bookmarks Its Place in B2B and B2C E-Commerce
  The Lessons of BASIS b-commerce
  Introducing BASIS Solution Partners
  BASIS Develops New Training
  BASIS: Your Portal to E-Business
  Mark Systems Constructs An E-Business Future
  The Annis Group Builds E-Business on BASIS
  Partners In GUI (Accu-Med Services)
  Customers Inform BASIS
  Most Flexible Developer Kits on the Market
  SCS Partnership Accelerates GUI Migration
  Software Asset Management - A Plan for the Long Term
  Supporting BASIS Resellers
  Tech Resource Zone: Tech Support 2000

2023 Migrating BBjspServlets to BBxServlets
  Hot Off the Grid-dle!
2020 Getting on the Right (Class)Path
  Loading with Class
2016 PRO/5 Automatically Gets 15 years of DBMS Enhancements
2014 Bleeding Heart Computer Security
  The Anatomy of BBj
  Add New Grid Selections to Your Toolbox
  Wash up With SOAP Web Services
2013 Default CSS Gets a Makeover
  A Bountiful Selection of New CSS Selectors
  BUI to the Max – Amp Up and Fine-Tune
  BBj’s CUI Gets a Big Performance Boost
  Automate BUI Deployment With the API
  Mix 'n Match Data Structures Between BBj and Java
  BBjServlets Serving Web Content
2012 The Anatomy of a Web App Makeover: A Case Study
  Going Fast, Faster, Fastest
  Compressing Apps for Zippy Network Performance
  Looks Better, Runs Faster
2011 Parlez-BUI Franҫais?
  The Beauty of Charts and Graphics in BUI
  Let's See Your John Hancock
  New Browse Method Eases File Open Process
  Adding Style to BBx Web Apps With Custom CSS
  Easy Integration to Google Apps
  Chef's Choice - the BUI Menu App
  Let BUI Put Your App in Touch With Your Users
  Take Control - Manage Your Enterprise
  Need Cookies? Get User Properties Cookies
  BUI CGI - Gateway to the Internet
  PDF Security in Your Hands
2010 If it's Easier in BBj, Then Just XCALL it Forward
  BBjGeolocation is Here!
  BBj PDFs - Perfectly Displayed Formats
  Enterprise Manager Functionality Free at Last
2009 MDI Modes: Make Mine a Single, With a Twist
  Jetty Offers Legacy Programs via Web Services
  From Legacy to Enterprise with BBj Web Services
  Object-oriented Performance
  A Sneak Peek at BBj's Browser User Interface
  The BASIS Java Hat Trick
  Calling Custom Java from BBj  
2008 Dishing up Forms
  T Minus - BASIS LaunchDock Blasts Off
  Blowing the Doors Wide Open With ClientsObjects
  Quick and Easy Solutions With Java Libraries - Part 1
  Quick and Easy Solutions With Java Libraries - Part 2
  BASIS Adds Mapping Functionality to BBjRecordSets
  More on Client File Access
  Inner Types Exposed
  Socket to Me
  Deliver a Package Tracking System
  Real-time Web Reports
2007 A Tour of the BBjCharts API
  BBj Spell Checker is all the Buzz
  Catching the XML Wave
  Desktop Data Delivered
  If You Have Choices, We Have Choosers
  Leap from 'Cut and Paste' to 'Drag and Drop'
  Spin, Slide, or View Your Data
  Voyaging Deeper Into the BBjCharts API
2006 A Primer for Using BBj Custom Objects
  Applying Custom Objects to Existing Code
  Confessions of a Language Polygamist
  Tech Resource Zone: The FAQs About 64-Bit BASIS Products
  The Look and Feel Journey - from Skins to Themes
  The Scoop on 64-Bit Computing
  Type Checking With "bbjcpl"
  Visual PRO/5 6.0 Gives Apps an XP or Vista Contemporary Look and Feel
2005 Grid to Order
  Safe and Retrievable Intellectual Property
  Connection Pooling - Part 1
  Connection Pooling - Part 2
  Input Validation: Veto Power
  Super-Charged SYSGUI
2004 Getting More of the Good Stuff
  The Secrets of Secure Communication
  Why Use the BBjRecordSet?
2003 BBj Databound Controls
  BBj Form Printing
  GUI Date Input With the BBj INPUTD Control
  Using the BBjRecordSet
  New Language Features Give Programmers More Choices
  Writing a Web Service in BBj
  BBj 3.0 - Major Release - Major Functionality
  BBj and Web Services
2002 Features and Enhancements in BBj 2.02
  Practical Ports And Serviceable Sockets
  BBj JDBC/ODBC for the Web
  Running BBj Code From Within Java; The JavaBBjBridge
  The Need for Three-Tier Architecture
  Visual PRO/5 4.0 - Optimizations and Improvements
  BBj 2.0: More Than One Way to Skin an App
  Performance Enhancements in BBj 2.0
2001 A Technology Preview of BBj 2.0
  TRZ: Sockets Amplified
  With Sockets, DISC Bridges Internet For Distributors
  NEWS: BASIS Enhances GML Tools
  BBj Components
  Four Ways to Web-Enable Your Application
  From BBx to BBj
  The GUI Enhancements of BBj
2000 The BBj Editions
  GUI In Minutes
  Wired for Web Right Now
  Putting Your Data on the Web

2020 SQL "Trick" - Control the Optimization Strategy
2016 Lightning Fast Google-like Searches of Your BBx Data Without Adding Keys
2014 Asynchronous Triggers Modify the Copy
  Replication Redux
2013 BBj DBMS Now Leaves PRO/5 Data Server in its Dust!
  Sophisticated Regex Replication Enhancements
  Revealing the Enhanced Data Dictionary
2012 Turn On Data Auditing
  Quick Fix for Slow SQL
  Built-in SQL Access to BASIS Keyed and CSV Files
  BASIS SQL Gets Even Better
2011 Anatomy of a Replication Job
  DB Security That You’ve Always Dreamed About
  More Miles per SQL Gallon
  BASIS Extends Trigger Functionality With KEY Triggers
2010 Database Update Wizard
  Automatic Database Analysis
2009 Database Query Analysis    
  Online Copy Jobs
  BASIS Generates SPROC Template Code
  Debugging SPROCs and Triggers
2008 Databound Grid - Data Abstraction Extended
  Take the Plunge Into SQL-Transactions
  All Aboard the REGEXP
  Solving the Data Warehousing Dilemma - Part II
2007 Solving the Data Warehousing Dilemma - Part I
  Unleashing the Power of SPROCcs Without SQL
2006 Inside BASIS: Putting Triggers to Work
  Using Triggers to Maintain Database Integrity
  Using Stored Procedures to Add Business Logic to the Database
  ESQL Files: Constraining Your Data to Guarantee Integrity
2005 PDF Now Also Means Perfectly Displayed Forms - a Sweet New Suite
  VKEYED Files - New Features for a New File Type
  The BASIS DBMS - New 5.0 Features
2004 Secure Your Future, Encrypt Your Data
  The Great Connection - Legacy Apps to BASIS DBMS
2003 BASIS International Offers a Choice of Databases
  Capitalizing on BASIS's Open Architecture
2002 Implementing Journaled Files and Transaction Tracking in BBj 2.0
  Route Data to Oracle & More with Plug-Ins
  What's Brewing With Java: JRE 1.4
2001 Next Generation File Format: XKEYED Files
  What's Brewing With Java: JDBC
2000 BBj Data Server Delivers Database Analysis
  The First of BBj Is Here (BBj Data Server)
  Everybody's Worst Nightmare &mdash File Corruption
  Large File Performance
  Large Files for Windows Environment
  BASIS Helps Citicorp Protect Its Data
  Summit Electric and Smart Data Management

2019 Turn Out More Work Better and Faster, Transitioning from NetBeans to the BDT IDE
  Perspectives and Projects and Views, Oh My! A Survival Guide for New Eclipse Users
2017 Developing PRO/5 Code in Eclipse
2016 So Many Tasks, So Little Time…
  Compiling PRO/5 Code Using Eclipse and BDT - A Tutorial
2014 Have it Your Way With New BDT Preferences and Properties
  BDT Tips for Less Pain and More Gain
  Test for Success With BBj Unit Test
  Building WindowBuilder
2013             Eclipse: The Toolset of the Future
2012 The Magical Reusable Dialog Wizard
  REST Easy - End Your WSDL Struggles
  Babbling With the New Bundle of Joy
  Git’dy Up, Developers
  Customizable Mobile Report Viewer
  BASIS IDE is in Java 7th Heaven
  Easily Install Your Apps With the BASIS Custom Installer
  BBj Documentation is as Easy as JavaDocs
2011 New Barista Features Satiate Appetites
  Copy With Ease, Paste With Confidence: The New SysConsole Paradigm
  New BBJasper Output Types Including The Cloud!
2010 BBj IDE in the Beginning - Then and Now
2009 Barista Uses Your RDBMS of Choice
2008 From the BASIS DD to a Barista App in a Flash
  From the BASIS DD to a Barista App in a Flash in Five Easy Steps
  Goodbye Event Loop, Hello Process Events
2007 Watch the Form Gen Wizard Trans "form" Data
2006 AppBuilder: The BASIS IDE Gets RAD GUI Development Integration
  Freedom of Choice: Using Object Code Completion in the IDE
2005 Tuning the Performance Analyzer
  The State of the IDE
  FormBuilder: BASIS IDE's Better Cross-Platform Resource Builder
  TRZ: Logs, Logs, and More Logs
2004 Inside BASIS: Software Product Version Control
2003 Managing Databases/Data Dictionaries with the BASIS IDE
  Viewing Data Files in the BASIS IDE
  Speeding Up the Development Process - The BASIS IDE
2002 Using the NetBeans BBj IDE to Develop and Debug Tutorial - Part II
  Tuning Your Code With the Performance Analyzer
  Putting The BBj 2.0 Online Documentation to Work For You
  Using The Netbeans-Based BBjIDE to Develop/Debug Tutorial - Part I
  Built on NetBeans, BBjIDE Offers Exciting New Functionality
  OpenBASIC Mkeyed Conversion Help

2019 Metrics: Tell Me About It
2014 The Enterprise Manager Boldly Goes Forward
  Zero Deployment With JNLP
  Don't Put All of Your Jetty Eggs in One Context
  Putting Your Software Through its Paces
  TRZ: BBj Logs Revisited
  New and Improved Locking Detection
2013 Enterprise Administration To-Go
2012 BUI, GUI Everywhere
  Platform-Independent Task Scheduler
  Are You Prepared for Cloud Failure?
2011 Ready, Set, Go - Switch to IPv6
  Custom Apps Install - Easy as 1- 2- 3!
  Perfection in the Cloud
  Centralizing App Security Using Admin User Credentials
  A Home (Page) in Every Port
2010 Our Salvation is in the Cloud
  Battle of the Browsers - BUI Wins
  Introducing the BASIS Custom Installer
  BBj's Web Integration is Better Than Ever
  Virtual Licensing Key to Apps in the Cloud
  LDAP/Active Directory Authentication in BBj
2009 Jetty Offers Legacy Programs via Web Services
  Jetty Web Server for BBj, Java Style
2008 The Extreme Enterprise Manager Makeover
2007 TRZ: Jars, Jars, and More Jars
2006 Solving the Locked Record 'Whodunit'
2005 Choices, Choices, Choices
  The Response File Responds Silently
  Safe and Retrievable Intellectual Property
  TRZ: Lock, Lock, Who's Got the Lock?
  New Install Puts You in the Driver's Seat
  Taking Out The Garbage
2004 Give Your Software a New Lease on Life
  TRZ: Licenses and BLMs
  Without a Trace: the Silent Installation
2003 Enterprise Manager - Administration Made Easier
  What's Brewing With Java? JVM 1.4.2 Improves
  Web Deployment Options With BASIS  
2002 Going Mobile With Microsoft Terminal Services
  TRZ: Printing in BBj
  What's Brewing With Java
  BBj Memory and Process Management
  BBj Thin Client Performance Tuning
  Microsoft Terminal Services and Visual PRO/5
2001 What's Brewing With Java: JRE 1.4
  TRZ: Sockets Amplified
  BBj: One License, One Install
  FLEXlm Application Licensing
  Managing Your Enterprise
  TRZ: Client/Server Computing: PRO/5 and BBj
2000 TRZ: Installing & Configuring BBj
  What's Brewing With Java: JRE 1.3
  TRZ: TCP/IP Hostname Resolution and the BLM
  What's Brewing With Java: The Java 2 Platform
  From Complex to Simple (Sun Microsystems)
  The BBj Beta Program
  What's Brewing With Java: Java 2 Enterprise Edition

2022 Introducing the BBjCalendarWidget Plug-In
2020 AddonSoftware Amps Up Productivity
2019 Getting Started with the Dashboard Utility
  Using Third-Party Libraries with Eclipse and the BDT
2017 Getting Started with BBJSP
  Contexts and BBJSP
  BBJSP Command Framework
2016 Maximizing the Power of the Digital Dashboard
2014 Dash Boredom With the Dashboard Utility
  Ready, Set, Drill!
  The Magic of the Widget Wizard
  Easier Decision Making With the Dashboard Utility
  AddonSoftware's Digital Dashboard Takes Off
  Makeover Your Images With BBXImage
  You Captured My Screen
  Painless Payables - Anywhere!
2013 Barista Creations – Add Your App, Stir, and Enjoy
  We’ve Got Mail, so You’ve Got Mail!
  Improve and Beautify Barista Apps With CSS
  Customizing Fonts in Barista
  BBjToJavadoc Documents Your Masterpiece
  Double Your Pleasure With Eclipse Documentation
2012 AddonSoftware: Ready, Set, Go Deploy!
  Barista Caffeinates a CUI App With GUI Sprinkles
  DocOut Easily Modernizes BBx Reports
  New Ways to Debug in Barista
2011 ERP Software in a Browser: BUI Takes Flight
2010 Plumbing the Barista Framework Into BBj Forms
  Preserving Your Customizations
  AddonSoftware's Barista Building Blocks Strategy
  Party Time - LaunchDock Goes Pure Java
2009 A Friendlier 'AddonSoftware by Barista'
  Recipes for Successful Report Writing
  Jump on the BUS - BASIS Update Service
  Jazz up Your Applications- Seamlessly Embed JasperReports
  Can Your App Speak to Your Customer?
2008 Freshly Brewed - Barista Caffeinates Addon Accounting Applications!
  BBj Thrives on the Web


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